Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mad Zac is back!

A few months ago we saw a side of the sweet, gentle and always smiling Zac that we haven't seen before. It all started in Richmond, VA (Sep 5th) with a beautiful solo performance of him singing "Lullabelle" getting constantly interrupted by a screaming woman in the crowd, and ended up with him stopping in the middle of the song and putting that lady in her place by telling her to shut up. That day we learned that you do not mess with Zac when he's singing, biatch!!

Apparently the two dudes that attended to the show in Charlotte, NC last week weren't aware of that. The story was sort of the same: Hanson was doing a hypnotizing acapella version of "Too Much Heaven" by the Bee Gees when two men thought it would be funny to scream things like "I love you" and "I love you too" while the boys were singing. But this time they didn't stop, they just kept singing and ignoring the jokes coming from the audience. After they sang the last note, it was time for Super-Zac to do his job and save the night! This is what he responded to the screaming men (minute 3:05):

"Everybody...apparently those two dudes really love each other so I wanted to make sure you guys let them come together. Let me say, there is a great spot in the back for them to make out. Thank you very much."

BAM!! EPIC WIN! And he didn't even use a single swear word. That is what we call a classy throwback! And no one can do it better than ZHan. Go Zac, woot!!

Article by Thinking 'Bout Hanson Argentina.

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