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Hanson Chats About Darren Criss, North West, New Music & Boy Bands!!

EXCLUSIVE! Hanson Chats About Darren Criss, North West, New Music & Boy Bands!! Watch HERE!!

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Just like that, Hanson is back in the music scene! With the release of their newest studio album, Anthem, and their hit single, Get The Girl Back, the three brothers are ready to do what they do best yet again!
Lucky for us — and for you — TaylorZac, and Isaac for an EXCLUSIVE interview, in which they dished on working with Glee fave, Darren CrissNikki Reed, their thoughts onKim and Kanye’s baby name, and so much more!!
Ch-ch-check it out (above)!! And be sure to stay tuned for MORE EXCLUSIVE Hanson footage, including two slamming performances!!!
If you simply can’t wait for some of our favorite snippets, read a few of their most memorable quotes….AFTER THE JUMP!!!
Taylor speaks about running into some trouble during the album recording process:
“We actually had to take a break, and part of that break was not simply just going on vacation. It was being apart and asking what are the priorities for our band… Everytime you go do an album, you have to be saying ‘I’m genuinely excited about what we’re gonna create next.’ When you’ve been doing it for 20 years, you need to be sure you’re on the same page. All of that being said, I think this record is one of our most poignant records. It has a really strong sense of itself from the beginning through the end.”
Taylor dishes on the beauty of playing live music:
“It’s really not about whether you’re tired of this or you’re worn out or you’re beat up. Playing music is about connecting with people. It’s about taking that moment and realizing that person could be there for the first time…to give people a moment to remember.”
Isaac talks about working with Darren Criss:
“Darren is an extremely talented musician. You never fully know until you sit down and meet people. Obviously, he’s made music for a long time, but then when you get the opportunity to fully interact with somebody, and Darren being most known for his acting and being in Glee, you’re going, ‘What is this interaction going to be like?’ And man, he’s great!”
Taylor, on working with Kat and Nikki for their Get The Girl Back video:
“We met Kat Dennings and Nikki Reed both because they at different times during the last album reached out and said ‘Hey, I love your band.’ The feeling was mutual…and we started having a friendship.
Zac, on Kim and Kanye’s baby name choices:
“Are they going North West? Are they going South East? Headed to North West to do some babysitting?”
HA! We’re swooning for these guyzzzz. Even if they are married!

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Hanson on The Adam Carolla Show

LISTEN the Interview HERE

Adam opens the show thanking fans for sending stuff in. He then explains how you can make your very own Recyclarolla, and talks about Ray’s conspiracy theories when all of his tools were stolen. Adam also complains about turbo-charged spiders, and Bald Bryan recalls an awkward exchange he had at the gym. Later, the guys go on a hilarious tangent about unnecessary rowing.
The three Hanson brothers enter the studio next, and Adam compliments them on their signature beer, ‘mmmHops’. They talk about the continuing success of the smash hit ‘mmmBop’, and how they’ve dealt with being so close and working together all the time. After discussing their new album, ‘Anthem’, Alison starts up the news. Stories revolve around reclining airplane seats, the most romantic cities in North America, and the best ways to protect your sex life from your kids. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about an Illinois school trying to get a Guinness World Record for most twins in a single class, and Hanson plays a song live.

Hanson MMMBops Into the Wall Street Journal

Brothers Isaac, Zac and Taylor Hanson sit down to speak with reporter Alexandra Cheney
They own their own record label, produce seasonal chocolates and coffee for fans and have just paired with an Oklahoma-based brewer to create MMMHops, a pale ale named after their biggest hit, “MMMBop.”
Three brothers who arrived on the music scene as teens writing, singing and producing their own records, the band Hanson has just released their sixth studio album, “Anthem.” They rose to fame in the late 1990s with their hit album “Middle of Nowhere,” and have survived the last two decades by making sure to involve themselves in other projects (food, beverage and merchandise) at an ownership level.
Isaac, Taylor and Zac came to the WSJ offices in New York to perform a few songs from their new album and speak with reporter Alexandra Cheney.
Watch an interview with the band and a performance of “Cut Right Through Me.” Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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By Eric SundermannHanson

From left to right: Isaac, Taylor, and Zac. Credit: Jiro Schneider
It's a spring day in New York City, and I am in a room full of crying women.
Before us, a band made of three handsome haircuts jump up and down, playing what some people might label as soul rock 'n' roll, and what others might label as manufactured Top 40 bullshit. Both opinions are probably correct in some fashion, because those handsome haircuts before me are attached to Hanson. Yes, thatHanson, who's playing a show for iHeartRadio in a tiny venue of about 200 people in Lower Manhattan. It's raining outside. Everyone is wet in one way or another.
The show continues, and so do the tears. About a third of the way through the set, lead singer Taylor Hanson pauses to address the crowd. "Would you guys like to eat this like it's a small piece of cake?" he says. Everyone screams uncontrollably. In a flash, the singer realizes that he's accidentally said the most sexual sounding thing ever, and backtracks. "I mean, the music, guys. The music." After some laughs, the band kicks back into jumping up and down and playing songs that, if you are reading this site, probably pisses you off.
And speaking of that, today Hanson releases their ninth studio album, Anthem, a better-than-you-might-expect record composed of 13 breezy songs with fun titles like "Fired Up," "You Can't Stop Us Now," and "I've Got Soul." The names of these songs are also very literal. Examples: "Get The Girl Back" is about getting the girl back. "Lost Without You" is about being lost without you. "Tragic Symphony" is a symphony that is very tragic.
Let's be real. A scene of crying full-grown adults at a Hanson concert—and Hanson themselves—is pretty low-hanging fruit that's easy to make fun of. I mean, "MmmBop," right? But dudes are older now. They're grown-up. They're married. They're fathers. They cut their hair. Even if you wouldn't be caught dead listening to bubble gum pop like this, these guys have been in the same god damn band for 21 years. That's longer than most marriages, and that fact—combined with the poignant truth that these dudes earnestly believe in what they're trying to accomplish as musicians—shows they're worth at least some respect and admiration, even if you consider them a walking corporate advertisement.
The day after this concert, I called up Isaac, the group's bassist, and talked with him about what it's like to have the world hate you, about how the band almost broke up while recording Anthem, and how being a celebrity guest at BuzzFeed makes you feel like a zoo animal. He also said he'd buy me a birthday drink because his album comes out on my birthday, so if you're reading this Isaac, don't think I forgot.
So you were just at BuzzFeed. What was that like?
BuzzFeed. It was really fun. They had a bunch of random Hanson stuff over the past few months and they asked us to come by. So we thought, why not? We had a good time.
Twitter was lighting up with all sorts of awkward selfies with you guys.
Yeah. We felt like chimpanzees in the zoo. [Laughs.] We were behind a glass conference room window doing an interview and there were people who started crowding around the glass. There were literally… I haven’t had quite… I can say that was a unique experience. I’ve never have that same scenario happen before.
If you could label Hanson with a BuzzFeed button, which one would you choose?
Oh! My gosh. I don’t know. Probably LOL. We really tried over the years to not take ourselves too seriously. Life is crazy and you really can’t be too self-obsessed. It is kind of ridiculous to get your ego consumed with anything too much beyond what it is that you do.
That being said we are kind of music nerds, always have been. And that is part of the reason why you don’t see a bunch of pictures of us all over tabloids. That is just not really who we are. We are little bit more casual, a little bit more private. We really enjoy having a good time, but we are the guys at the bar watching the basketball game kind of people, versus feeling the need to make asses of ourselves in public too much. Maybe that's where the LOL thing comes from. 
You've been a band for 21 years. How do you deal with the misconceptions that have come with you getting super popular when you were so young?
That is a really hard thing to answer. The truth of the matter is I don’t spend my life worrying about what people don’t understand about me particularly. What I do is I go out every day and I be me. Growing up, we were a band kids who were songwriters who write songs and we did hundreds of gigs of a region in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Southern Missouri. We had very ambitious, very driven parents who were willing to take us seriously. We wanted to do this and they didn’t look at us like we were nuts or convince us to do something else.
We just had constant venues: schools, block parties, on patios, arts festivals. We did one gig and then we did another gig and next thing you know, we had 100 shows under our belt and were a year into it. We have always put one foot in front of the other and it always has been a musical decision. I truthfully wish that in the early days, we would've done even more concerts than we did. We did a lot of promotional events and a lot of 30 minute shows, here and there.
That is who we have always been and that is who we always were. To me, any quote-unquote misconceptions of our band disappear when you see us live. Because then you understand, "Wait a second, they are a band." Because of our youth, that is the one thing that never registered with people. We were a really, really young band. And so the instant result is, well, you got that whole teen idol element because you are a teenage.
And in those [teenage icon] scenarios you are not talking to the press about how much of a nerd you are about 1950s music and why you stay up late listening to Steve Winwood in his early days playing with Spencer Davis group. No one would ask us, "Why are you opening your show with "Give Me Some Lovin', why is that in your setlist?" Instead, we got into this scenario full of female adoration—which is extremely awesome; I would have met my wife if it were not for that. But at the same time that chatter becomes so loud that, really, what we should be talking about why I love the Bill Withers. I feel like such a nerd.
You sound like a musician.
Yeah, and I guess that never registered on a broad scale. I try to not really worry about it. I keep [making music] and then eventually everybody gets around to saying, "You guys have been pretty consistent." Actions speak louder than words: If you look at our actions, they make sense with who we are now, and how they did when we were young.
With this new record, what do you feel like you are trying to accomplish? By the way, it comes out on my birthday.
Oh it does? I am happy for you that it is your birthday. I will have to send you a note on the day of the record release. We will probably be doing a little release week part you should come out for that. I’ll buy you a drink for your birthday.
I feel like that could be a great story to tell anybody.
I would be glad to do that.
Anyway, the new record.
With the new record, it's like the patterns of life and how actions speak louder than words. This record is a little bluesier and rockier than the last record. It is probably the most full scale rock song on any Hanson record. It is from top to bottom basically an ACDC tune. An old school high voltage ACDC. It is very simple. It's guitar. It's bass. It's drums. There is only one guitar. It is not a bunch of layered 80s rock or something. It is very like when there is a guitar solo there is no one else playing underneath. It is very raw bare bones rock n roll.
Even though you have 21 years behind you as a band, did this record feel like a rebirth?
Well, there is a rebirth in the sense that this album almost didn’t get made.
What do you mean?
We had a full-scale band breakup before this record. We started writing in the beginning of 2012 and it didn’t go very well. We almost broke up for good, to be frank. It is a weird thing because we are family. Basically, we looked at each other and went, "We are going to kill each other." We had been running this label. We just came off the most extensive world tour we have done in like six years and we found ourselves in the situation where we were not able to create in the way that we wanted to. We were looking at each other like, okay, we have got to stop or this is going to get real bad. Because it was getting bad.
So how did you get over that? How long did you take?
Time. Space. After February [2012], we didn’t start writing together in any real capacity until September. It was a long time.
What brought you back together? Was it just the fact that you guys are brothers?
It was the question of, if we are going to make a record, we need to look at it now. We entertained the idea of trying to work on the record a little bit more in the summer, but it felt too soon. We got together for a few days and just said, well, we are not ready.
How intense was it? Did anyone get punched?
It feels catty to get into the details of it. But it was very tense. People were not on the same wavelength. We were just not able to write music. It was unfortunately a little bit aggressive. Some of it is really a combination of working together for 20 years. So you know how to push each others buttons, whether you mean to or not. Plus, the stresses of life were kind of rearing their ugly head right at the same time. It's no coincidence that the theme on this record is fighting for something. Working through that challenge.
When you came back to the studio in September, what was different versus the summer?
We took it piece by piece a little bit more. We literally just went around the room each day and rotated ideas. Some days we didn’t produce very much or anything at all. And some days produced great stuff, but it was a process of establishing a little bit of trust creatively. The truth is that the first part of that process was not necessarily producing the songs that ended up on the record. But it was a process of recommitting to the band. That was going to be the decision. Either we were to go into this next record and figure out a way to get it done and feel good about it and feel rejuvenated by it. Or we were going to take a much longer pause, and it would be 2015 before our next record comes out. Luckily what actually happened was that we took a few baby steps and the next thing you know we are running straight at these more intense, more aggressive versions [of songs]. We shed a layer of skin as a band.
How do you feel now about the final product?
I feel really good about the record. Whether or not it will sell a gazillion copies or not god knows. But you know, I have no idea on some level, but do I feel like it is something exciting for me? I think it is an exciting record. It has a lot element of soulfulness and pop sensibilities that are indicative of a Hanson record. But it also has size and intensity that no other Hanson record up to this point had. Not to this level.
You played "MmmBop" last night, and I was surprised. Is it weird playing those oldass songs?
There are two answers to that. The first one is I love playing the music from the last 15-20 years. Absolutely. We have a relationship with the audience that is as old as those songs are. In a way, you would never ever want to in any way say to a fan, "Well, that is not who I am now," because in a way you are insulting them. It grows and changes with you over the course of time. The song "MmmBop" is actually about holding on to things that really matter to you because there will be few things that last through your whole life. Hold on the things that are precious to you because life is fleeting. And it happens to have a catchy little chorus, a little nonsensical, scatty thing. When people are singing it now, there are a lot of people singing it for that reason and I feel that, from them, I see it in there face. I have a huge pet peeve with artists who start off young and [won't play old songs]. When you do that it is like you just gave a giant middle finger to your fans. What an insecure, and frankly kind of pathetic thing to do. It is kind of self-righteous, really. You are kind of dissing your fans.
I was surprised that you looked like you were having a good time while playing that song.
Don’t get me wrong. If somebody walked up to me and said you have only got one song to play right now on the air, that would not be the song that I play
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Hanson Offers A Bold New 'Anthem'


Hanson Offers A Bold New 'Anthem'

NPR | June 16, 2013 7:36 a.m.



NPR Staff

Brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson have been playing together since 1992. 
Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson achieved ubiquity in 1997 with "MMMBop," the mega-hit with the wordless, sing-along hook. But the brothers — aged 16, 14 and 11 at the time — had already been playing together for years. And they're still going.
Hanson's ninth studio album, Anthem, is out this week. Soon, the brothers will be marketing a beer, MMMHops (in honor of the band's 21st birthday). They've also started an effort to donate proceeds from their merchandise to aid relief in their home state of Oklahoma.
"Whenever something really strikes a community, I think your confidence is a little bit shaken," Taylor Hanson says. "We performed in those schools. Those communities were really supportive of our band. We are going to continually be a part of that effort, because that is our home."
The brothers Hanson spoke with NPR's Rachel Martin about how their attitudes toward life and music have changed since they first formed in 1992.

Interview Highlights

On breaking out with "MMMBop"
Taylor Hanson: "I think we're proud of it. The interesting thing is that we were lucky to have success young. But we used to tell people, 'Just think of us as old guys with high voices.' When we started, we always saw ourselves at the beginning of a long career of music. That song represents our story. It's a garage band that loved soul music, doo-wop and classic American rock and roll. We wrote it, too. Zac is one of the writers, which makes him the youngest Grammy-nominated songwriter ever at 11."
On changes in the band's sound
Isaac Hanson: "There is no question that we have evolved as a band. We're inevitably tight — if nothing else, it's our 16 years of practicing together. But all of it is still coming from the same place, whether I'm 16 or 32. I just want to write a great lyric and a great song — everything else is icing on the cake."
Taylor Hanson: "I think this is an album where we had to really look and ask ourselves what was next. We had to step back and ask, 'Why are we doing this? What are we doing this for? Is everybody in?' There was a sense of intensity, size and scale to almost everything. We came away with wanting to be bold. The record needed to be anthem-like to hold all those punches."
On meeting their wives at Hanson concerts
Taylor Hanson: "People meet at work, and we were at work. It's great."
Isaac Hanson: "The short version [of my story] is, I see my wife standing about five people back. It was a standing-room venue, not a seated venue. She and her friend were really tall — my wife is about 5'9. She was easy to see above everybody. I thought she was really cute. So I sang a couple songs while looking directly at her to get her attention, threw a guitar pick and hit her. I wanted to make sure she knew I was talking to her. She still has the guitar pick."
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Jun 10, 2013


HANSON Announce UK/European Album Release & Tour

HANSON Announce brand new album ‘ANTHEM’, to be released July 1st in UK and Europe
June 10th London - Pop-Rock trio HANSON, are back with their brand new album ‘ANTHEM’, which is set to be released on July 1st in the UK and Europe, along with the album’s lead single ‘Get The Girl Back’. The announcement coincides with plans for the UK and European leg of the ANTHEM World Tour, which is set for this December. The tour will bring the band to the UK, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Tickets will go on sale this Saturday, June 15th.

The infectious new single ‘Get The Girl Back’, showcases the band’s signature soulful pop-rock sound, and features guest appearances from members of fellow pop-soul connoisseurs Fitz and The Tantrums. The accompanying music video stars Kat Dennings (Two Broke Girls) and Nikki Reed (Twilight/Thirteen) and will be available for purchase exclusively as part of the Get The Girl Back single July 1st.

ANTHEM was produced and written by the band, and mixed by the legendary Tom Lord-Alge. Its guitar-driven sound pulls from some of the band’s harder hitting rock and R&B influences - from James Brown, to early Michael Jackson, and AC/DC.

Speaking of the new album, Taylor said: “We have always been in awe of the ability music has to engage people, whether it’s a song that makes you want to dance, or a song that inspires you to take action for a cause. We want this record to be the anthem for all of those moments.”

The release of ANTHEM in the UK and Europe comes amidst a busy year for the band, with releases in North and South America garnering critical acclaim for the epic new album. ANTHEM is the fourth to be released on the band’s own independent 3CG Records, which they founded a decade ago.

2013 marks the 21st anniversary of HANSON. The band celebrated the anniversary with the launch of their own craft beer Mmmhops, which made its debut at the after party for the Hollywood premiere of summer hit The HANGOVER III. Availability in UK and Europe is not yet confirmed.

HANSON have been nominated for multiple Grammys, released five prior studio albums which spawned a string of hit singles, and sold over 16 million albums worldwide.

Tour Dates:
3 DecGlasgow UKABC
5 DecManchester UKRitz
6 DecCardiff UKSolus
7 DecBirmingham UKHMV Institute
8 DecLondon UKIndigo O2
10 DecTilburg NETHERLANDS013
11 DecCologne GERMANYLuxor
13 DecParis FRANCETrabendo
14 DecSolothurn SWITZERLANDKofmehl
16 DecRome ITALYPalatlantico
17 DecMilan ITALYMagazzini generali
source: Hnet

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Hanson, Kat Dahlia And More To Perform At O Music Awards

More than 50 acts will perform over 24 hours as part of "Live Music Day."

By James Montgomery (@positivnegativ)

Every year, the O Music Awards reinvent the usually staid award show ceremony with a musical twist — think Chiddy Bang's record-setting freestyle session in 2011 or the Flaming Lips' epic 24-hour run of concerts last year. And 2013 is no different.
That's because when the latest O Music Awards kick off on June 19 at 7 p.m. ET at (where they'll stream live over the span of 24 hours), they'll also launch "Live Music Day," a huge, online-only music festival that will feature more than 50 bands, of all genres, performing live for an entire 24 hours. So basically, you get the full fest experience without ever having to leave the house (or put on pants). Win.
Kat Dahlia, Atlas Genius, Hanson and Kate Nash are just some of the artists confirmed to perform during "Live Music Day," topping an initial list of acts that also includes the likes of 2AM Club, Boxer Rebellion, Chrisette Michele, Gavin DeGraw, Luke James, Langhorne Slim and X Ambassadors. More performers will be announced at a later date.
The online event will also feature performances from the O Music Awards' Make A Band Famous finalists: Chill Moody, Darling Parade, the So So Glos, Striking Matches and Syd Arthur. During the live show, fans will be able to vote for their favorite, and the winning act will get a once-in-a-lifetime shot to play VMA weekend in August!
See, we told you the 2013 show wouldn't disappoint. And there's still time to help determine who wins one of the O Music Awards' coveted cubes — nominees include Beyonce, Psy and Thirty Seconds To Mars — at the show's official site.
The O Music Awards will launch June 19 at 7 p.m. at OMusicAwards.comand run for 24 hours. Hope you don't have any plans ... This is going to be one event you don't want to miss.

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