Sunday, March 31, 2013

And Hnet is Down

Great Start to a New Album Cycle

Zac posted on the ST Section, Only for ST Members. 

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Zac posteo en la sección del ST, solo para miembros del ST
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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013

DVD shoot Ike

Ike, rocknroll ready, for a new live performance DVD of the new HANSON record

Source: Taylorhansonmusic Instagram

Hnet Makeover will be down on Sunday, March 31st and Monday morning, April 1st, for scheduled site improvements.

The plan is to be back on Monday at about 10am CT or earlier if all goes well

"As part of the maintenance, all forums will be cleared. If there's something you'd like to copy and keep, I suggest u do it quickly" Leigh estará offline este Domingo 31 de Marzo y la mañana del 1ero de Abril para mejoras en el sitio.

"El plan es que este online nuevamente alrededor de las 10am CT o mas temprano si todo va bien"


RSVP Confirmation List (update)

Updated confirmation list for Tulsa MOE 2013

If you have any questions regarding your RSVP or if your plans change and you are no longer able to attend, please contact

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zac Tweet

Just one week before we announce the album tour and single release info.  Meeting in the war room to get prepared. -Z

Monday, March 25, 2013

MAR 25 First Listen @ HANSON Day

This May all of the members who are coming to HANSON Day are going to be the first people to hear the new album.

As a part of the weekend we have decided to add a listening party.  We are going to set it up where everyone who is coming will have a chance to hear the new album. This will be a special treat since it will still be weeks before the new album comes out to the world.  We have never done anything like this, but I think it is going to be really cool, and for the Members who have bought movie tickets to see the Documentary about the new album that is screening at HANSON Day, I think it will make it cooler to have heard the new album before you see the film about the make of it.  This will be a free event for members, so all you have to do is come to the HANSON Day Members Only Event and RSVP to save your place at one ot the Listening Party sessions. members RSVP HERE

Friday, March 22, 2013

MAR 22 No Newsletter This Week

Last Friday, an user of HNET created a forum thread to claim that she hadn't received her weekly newsletter via e-mail, and asked if it had happened the same to anyone. Leigh from the HNET staff answered:

"We're working on some things behind the scenes and a newsletter just isn't in the cards right now. We'll probably send members something on Monday just to hold you over until April."

So, I guess we all will have to be patient for a couple weeks and wait until the storm of new material arrives on April 1st. Until then...keep calm and listen to Hanson!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Leaked Track list of Album 6

"Of the thirteen songs on the new album, Isaac is singing one lead and there are two other songs where he sings the second or third verse"

1. Fired Up
2. I’ve Got Soul
3. You Can’t Stop Us
4. Get The Girl Back
5. Juliet
6. Already Home
7. Get So Low
8. Cut Right Through Me
9. Scream and Be Free
10. For Your Love
11. Lost Without You
12. Tragic Symphony
13. Tonight

Leaked Photo of New Album

Here is a leaked photo of Taylor of the Photo shoot for the new Album

MAR 21 The Album is DONE!​

It is hard to believe but we are done. We are finally finished with the new album. Tuesday we made our last changes to the sequence and now I am holding a mixed mastered finished album in my hand. Right at the last minute we went back and forth on how many songs to put on the new album, and in the end we landed on lucky number thirteen.

April 1st we will be releasing all the details about the album and single and the first leg of the World Tour, but up until now all of that has been plans for an album that was not even finished.  now that is it actually finished we are not blowing smoke... We actually have something to put out!
I know it is going to be worth the wait.

- Zac Hanson

Friday, March 15, 2013

HNET BLOG - This Week

The Week

What a week this has been, we are finally finished with the mixing of the new album and on Monday we travel to mastering and finalize the album.  I am so proud of what we have created and so ready to share it with everyone when it comes out in a few months.  Speaking of things coming out the first single Get The Girl Back is now going out to radio stations all across the US and on April 1st we will be announcing all the details for when you can buy it, as well as the new album and all the details for the first leg of the upcoming world tour.
For all the members joining us in Tulsa in May for the annual HANSON Day MOE, we are excited to announce we will be having a walk Saturday night.  You can get all the details when we post them next week.  HANSON Day is something I look forward to every year. It is always a daunting but exciting to share new music for the first time,  this HANSON Day MOE like in years past we will be premiering the brand new Members EP for 2013.  This year will also be special because it will be one of the first times we will be preforming music from the new album, and all of it before the album is released.
We are working on updating as apart of the plans for the new album release and because of that we will not be sending out a newsletter this week.  We you will enjoy the new look when we roll it out in April.

Taylor turns 30

If you've been a Hanson fan for many years you know it, March is Taylor's month, and this 14th he reached the 30's. When we thought that this would be another year of fans complaining for not getting at least a "thanks" for all their effort and dedication on sending tons of birthday messages through different social media such as Facebook, Twitter and even, we all got surprised when we saw that Taylor himself was replying to the fans on Twitter showing gratitude for all the birthday wishes on his day.

After giving a few replies and some 'birthday narcissism' he twitted one more time to thank publicly to everyone who wrote him and gave him well wishes on his 3rd decade.

If that wasn't enough, we woke up this morning to see that he replied, not only on Twitter, but also on! Not to underestimate Taylor, but this year has been way different than the previous, and I guess we all agree in that. We hope that this new decade bring some changes on Tay's twitter habits; maybe we could see more replies to fans throughout the year. Fingers crossed!

Article: Thinking 'Bout Hanson Argentina

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Video Recap!

It is a way's away still, but it's really amazing to think that next January (2014) we will be back in Jamaica doing our second Back To The Island event, joined by many of you. We put together a short video showing the awesome first year of the event, and we wanted to share it (hope you enjoy).
One of the things we are going to do differently next year, is to make each of the three concerts more unique. Three TOTALLY different shows. One show will feature the new album in its entirety which will be a blast. One will be focused on special Fan Club songs over the years, highlighting songs we rarely perform. and the lastly one show will be open for everybody that is attending to vote on the setlist.
We hope to see you in Jamaica next January!

- Isaac,Taylor and Zac

Friday, March 8, 2013

From The Band​

This Week

Six days left before we finish mixing, and then all that is left is one day of mastering the album. Every day we start off by reviewing what we did the night before, making any last changes and then moving on to the next track on our list. Things have been going well for the last week, and it looks like we are going to stay on track and just finish on time. While we are not yet finished mixing, all of our minds are starting to think about the next and final step, mastering. During mastering we will have to pick the final order for the album, and the final track listing deciding what will and will not make the new album. It is a hard decision, and one which every member of the band has there own perspective, but like always we will battle through until we come to a consensus.
In addition to the new album getting ever closer to its completion we are also charging head long into the other projects that go with the new album. Starting next month we will be announcing the first leg of the World Tour, the release date for the single, album and album packages. We will be announcing the name of the album and name of the documentary about the recording of the album. We are really excited to have everything lined up together for maybe the first time ever after twenty years as a band.
Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson

Monday, March 4, 2013

Hanson Day Update

Gallery will include Custom Painted Guitars

For those of you that may have missed it Zac announced on that the HANSON Day Gallery will include Custom Painted Guitars.
The gears are turning as all the preparation for HANSON Day is being put into place.

In the spirit of sharing I wanted to show you one of the projects we have been working on. The HANSON Day Gallery. For the past few years we have been sharing more then just music, but have really tried to make sure the visual companions for each album and project tell you something about the music.
I got my hands on a handful of baby Taylor guitars and started playing around with different ways to customize them. Wood burning, creating stencils, using film negatives... It has been really fun for me to try something new I am looking forward to sharing them in person come MAY!
Note: I have had a lot of fans ask me about buy original art, unlike previous paintings I am planning to offer the guitars for sale.
- Zac
The Gallery will include the guitars by Zac and other art pieces by HANSON.

Friday, March 1, 2013

From The Band​

This Week
We are finished with the recording on the new album, now it is just a matter of putting the finishing touches on as we Mix the new album for the next few weeks and then master. Each step in the process of making an album becomes slightly more refined. Writing, Pre-Production, Basic Tracking, Over Dubs, Mixing, Mastering... all in the pursuit of that perfect sound. We have been planning and planning, and now we are just a few weeks away from getting to share all the details about Touring, the Album and Single release. April is going to be a big month so get ready!
Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson