Saturday, November 23, 2013

Another one bites the...prank?: Hanson pranks David Ryan Harris

And so, we knew it. Hardcore, passionate fans that have attended and/or kept track of the Hanson shows during the years saw this coming, somehow. Because when it is about the last show of a long Hanson tour where a new opener artist ends his journey it only means one thing: prank time! Yes. This time was the time for David Ryan Harris to fall in the trap. Harris has joined Hanson in the past month or so as an opener for the second half of shows of the US/Canada leg of the Anthem World Tour, which ended in Charlotte, NC on November 20th, 2013.

Hanson and his crew could not wait for the last song of the opening act to end when they interrupted the performance by playing a very particular and pretty funny song on every speaker of the venue. As soon as Harris turned around they showed up on stage forming a line while dancing ridiculously throughout the stage. Did we mention that Taylor had a box in his head? See it for yourself below:

No one is safe. Future openers, watch your back!

The Anthem World Tour started in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on July 18th, made its way through USA and Canada from September to November, starts the European leg on December 3rd in Glasgow (UK) and ends on December 17th in Milan (Italy). Click here to see if it hits your city and get tickets now!

Article by Thinking 'Bout Hanson Argentina.

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