Monday, February 4, 2013

AOL Music: Hanson, 'Get the Girl Back'

Band Gives Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Making of the Video (EXCLUSIVE) by Maggie Malach

What: The band recruited fans -- including Nikki Reed, Kat DenningsDrake Bell and Drew Seeley -- to appear in the video for "Get the Girl Back."

The Roundup: Although Hanson has known Nikki for a few years, Kat recently reached out to the brothers via social media to tell them she's a huge fan! When the idea for the "Get The Girl Back" music video came up, the band asked the actresses to be in it. "It was a very fun thing because they [Nikki and Kat] are genuine fans of our band," Isaac Hanson tells AOL Music. "It also didn't hurt that they're actually friends."

And as for the women's performances?

"We were really, really blown away by Kat and Nikki's capacity to engage and make the scene work instantly," Isaac says.

Check out a sneak peek at the "Get the Girl Back" music video below!

Link to article and preview video