Monday, May 19, 2014

Music Made From Humans EP - Photos & Lyrics


—— VERSE 1 ——
Young man, you know
Despite your best intentions
You can’t control
The risk that comes with growing old
Oh oh oh oh ooh

You’re striking out
To claim your independence
You’ll pay the toll
If you have a pretentious soul
Oh oh oh oh ooh

—— CHORUS ——
And in the moment
When the dust still spun
You’ll have time for contemplation
Underneath the desert sun
And there is no destination
But the journey you are on
On the road

—— B CHORUS ——
On the road
You will find yourself
Getting lost
Being someone else
But you know
You will find yourself
On the road

—— VERSE 2 ——
Take my advice
it is for your protection
The modern world
Is full of misdirection, oh
Oh oh oh oh ooh

Young man make sure
make sure to pay attention
You are alone
But the serpent is always lurking close
He will take your soul


'Cause you know
You will find yourself
On the road


—— INTRO ——
Show me the way, show me the way, show me the way
Show me, honey (x2)

—— VERSE 1 ——
Please take your time ‘cause your body’s close to mine
I don’t really need my sanity
You’re my desire
You’re about to start a fire on me
Baby please

—— CHORUS ——
I love the way you keep time
You make the room shine
I love the way your hips sway, oh
Show me the way

Come on, come on, come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on (x2)

—— VERSE 2 ——
I hope you know I don’t have to take control
I don’t mind if you want to lead
I won’t fake, there’s a feeling I can’t shake you see
You’re making me plead

—— (CHORUS) ——

—— BRIDGE ——
The way you move it takes me to a place I can’t define
And when the chords start changing
I know you’ll be by my side
And I may not be a dancer, but I just can’t wait to try

You’ve got to show me the way
Show me the way, show me the way
Show me, honey

Show me the way, show me the way, show me the way
You’ve got to show me, honey (x2)

Show me the way, show me the way

—— (CHORUS) ——

Come on, come on, come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on (x4)

Show me the way


—— VERSE 1 ——
Don’t be shy, I´m not gonna bite
You’re playing it cool, I´m not your fool
Just take your time

When you decide, just give me a sign
Let´s break the rules, I’ve got the tools to feel your mind

Dressed so fine you could make me blind

—— CHORUS ——
'Cause it's hard enough just livin'
Without your childish games
So won’t you tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me
What´s your name?
Whats your name?

Tell me what’s your name, baby
whats your name?

—— VERSE 2 ——
You’re such a tease, I’m weak in the knees
'Cause your lines, your eyes are hypnotizing me

You’ve got plenty to spare, It just isn’t fair
IF that’s what you need, I’ll make a scene
I dont even care

—— (PRE CHORUS & CHORUS —— (x2)


—— VERSE 1 ——
You better run for your life
We know your secrets
You’re gonna dance with the devil tonight
We can’t abide a past that’s so shameful
You have seen your last sunrise

—— CHORUS ——
There will be panic in the streets, yeah
When they hear the reckoning is coming

There will be panic in the streets

—— VERSE 2 ——
You’ve had your chance
You wasted your nine lives
We’re gonna take what’s left of your soul
Sever your ties
And crawl to your dark hole
We know just where darkness hides

—— (CHORUS) ——

—— BRIDGE ——
Say your last goodbyes
'Cause tonight we ride
And the white in our eyes
Will be black as night

There will be panic in the streets

—— (CHORUS) ——

There will be panic in the streets


So dude, I got this thing…it’s gonna be huge…
You don’t wanna miss out, ok? I’m serious

—— VERSE 1 ——
I told the boss I could only work part time
Just a job ‘till I hit my gold mine
I got a thing in the works that’s gonna be big in Japan
(Big in Japan)

I got a lot of people knocking on my door
But if you want I’ll let you in on the ground floor
But there’s a confidentiality agreement that I need you to sign
(Off the line)

—— CHORUS ——
Someday, I’ll be
On the inside looking out
Rolling, fortune five
When I´m rich, getting hot chicks
I’ll write black checks every time
For my white collar crimes

—— VERSE 2 ——
My company’s been incorporated
I booked the deal, it’s signed and dated
I got some perks in the works but, the job is hard to define
(Watch on me?)

I got my M&P and I.P.D. in R&D
Aint no competition, I’m the whole entire industry
There’s an offer on the table for you but you have a limited time
(Tik tok!)

—— (CHORUS) ——

—— BRIDGE ——
After what you’ve heard if you’re not impressed
You can come by my Hollywood address
We’re on the bleeding edge of our technology
And your investment is a guarantee

—— (CHORUS) ——

I’m gonna be the king fill of money
Don´t miss out on this, can you?
Seriously, hear me, what you say?
Right now, it’s on the line.
sounds like freaking drugs, man!

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